Conscious clothing

Have you ever wondered, why it has to be so difficult to find a fashion brand that is both conscious and neatly designed? At esmé studios you do not have to compromise between conscious and aesthetics. We have created a fashion brand that is both and, on this page, we present a wide selection of clothing items for both men and women.

Each collection is based on organic and conscious materials. Furthermore, we embrace the game changing innovations in production methods with the purpose to leave a minimum environmental impact and low carbon footprint.

Slow fashion – clothing made to last

We choose slow fashion over fast fashion by creating organic pieces, that you are able to enjoy for a lifetime. The main keyword to our designs is minimalism, which leaves you with a minimal amount of clothes that provide you with real value and joy.

Esmé studios – A conscious fashion brand

We do not think consumers should be the ones worrying about the supply chain. Instead, it should be a matter of course, that every consumer knows what their clothes are made of and how it is produced – esmé studios is proud to take one of the leading positions in this matter. Transparency is an important concept to achieve this goal, and we make sure to openly share information about how, where and by whom our products are made.

Every single one of our apparel is produced at certified factories, and our partners are BSCI, Fairtrade and GOTS certificated. In other words, we are able to guarantee that all esmé studios’ products are produced under the best conditions.

Choose organic clothing from esmé studios

Take a look at our universe of conscious clothing. We offer free parcel shop delivery in EU on orders over 399 DKK. Do you want to know more? Sign up for our newsletter and get 15% off your first order!


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