Our Heritage

It’s no secret that the clothing industry - and fast fashion in particular - is hugely damaging to the environment. Its track record in terms of pollution and human rights need to be improved. We believe it's high time to change this track record, and since our inception in 2018, esmé studios has been steadfast in pursuing that very goal. From the very beginning, we have been passionate about making a change. To achieve this, we investigated the whole clothing production process - from the very first drawings in the design room to how we make clothes, wear them, and care for the finished clothes.

We want to be a part of a drive to change the fashion industry from fast fashion to one that is focused on slow fashion. Every day, we strive to make it simpler for you to select responsibly made, durable clothing of long-lasting designs without sacrificing quality.We believe that it’s better to buy less and buy better.

Our Name

People often ask us why we call ourselves esmé studios. “esmé” derives from French and means: “to hold in high esteem” or “to love”. We feel that “esmé” represents what we stand for and care deeply about - our esteem and love for humanity and our planet. This esteem shines through in our designs and our brand, and we hope to inspire similar ideals in you.

Our Responsibility

We’re deeply aware that our business also impacts the environment, however, we do our very best, every day, to reduce this impact as much as we possibly can. That is also why we define ourselves as a responsible company - not sustainable, as such a thing as a fully sustainable fashion company does not exist. With that said, we’re on a journey to become as responsible as we can, and that’s what drives us every day.

Today we’re proud to say that, through hard work and determination, we have grown from a great idea to actual reality. We hope to inspire you to join us on our journey towards building a slower and more responsible fashion industry.