Our Believes

At esmé studios, we believe in being clean, confident, responsible and transparent. We make clean designs that transcend seasons, embodying long-lasting styles and timeless durability. Confident in our mission, we strive to inspire others to embrace their own confidence and become part of the slow living movement. We aim to act responsibly in everything that we do. Our approach reflects responsibility, awareness, and heartfelt concern for people and the planet. Transparency extends throughout our brand, from the partners we work with and the materials we select to the packaging we use for delivering your product, ensuring you can make informed purchases with confidence.

In a world that never ceases to evolve, we continuously strive to enhance our approach, embracing the values of clean, confident, transparent, and responsible.


Our Designs

esmé studios is a lifestyle brand as well as a statement about you and your values. We don’t just design clothes but also accessories such as bags, caps, mittens and scarves. We combine the very best in terms of materials and design while making sure that it’s produced in an environmental, ethical and socially responsible way. We live by the idea of ‘buy less, buy better’ from the moment we pick up a pen in our design studio. We can’t ignore our Scandinavian heritage which speaks of minimalism, functionality, and timeless designs - something we believe goes very well with the philosophy of slow fashion. Our clothes are meant to be worn for your everyday life - and for a long time. They’re soft and comfortable for relaxing at home and, at the same time, stylish and refined enough to be right for workplaces too. They are sophisticated and versatile. Our designs effortlessly blend in elements from the latest trends, creating a timeless style.

The 'Slow Living' Movement 

The ‘Slow Living’ movement is about inspiring people and embracing a more conscious and meaningful lifestyle. Slow fashion aligns seamlessly with the principles of the slow movement, embracing a deliberate and mindful approach towards clothing consumption. By prioritizing quality and responsible business conduct, slow fashion embraces the essence of the slow movement's call for a more conscious and intentional way of living.

esmé studios is part of this movement, and we have from the very start wanted to offer a new and different way of wearing timeless, durable, and quality clothes. Every piece of clothing we create should have a purpose, and everyone should have the opportunity to buy responsibly made clothing.