We want you to enjoy your esmé studios’ clothes for as long as possible, and to give it a long life, your love and care is needed too. We have created a care guide explaining how you can best take care of your clothes, including ours! With these tips, you can not only give your clothes a longer life, but help the world by reducing your impact on the environment.

Follow the label
Before you begin treating your clothes, it’s a very good idea to take a look at the label on the clothing. Each piece of clothing should have a label, and it will tell you the best practices for each specific clothing item. 

Oftentimes clothes are washed more than they need to be. Of course, this depends on the activities you do, but clothes can usually be worn multiple times before they need a swim in the washer. 

We recommend you to wash your clothes at 30 degrees celsius unless the clothing label says otherwise. It’s unnecessary to wash at high temperatures with modern washers.

When you do need to wash, make sure to fill your washing machine according to its specification. This way, you can also minimize your energy consumption and save on your energy bills!

Drying your clothes
We don't recommend using the dryer for your clothes. Instead, we recommend air drying your clothes, which has several benefits. A dryer is hard on your clothes - It’s energy intensive and can subject the fabric to shrinking, fading and pilling.

Benefits of air drying:

  • Letting your clothes breathe and dry naturally can help remove odors and save you time on ironing. 
  • Sunlight and fresh air can help kill bacteria on the clothes and reduce the need to wash them.
  • Preserve fabric integrity, maintain smoothness and reduce wrinkles if laid flat. This saves you time on ironing your clothes.
  • Reduces static cling which makes the clothes more comfortable to wear.
  • Reduce your own environmental impact and energy bill. A dryer is an energy intensive appliance.

Give the steamer a try before you iron
Have you tried the steamer instead of the iron? Sometimes you can’t get around the need to steam or iron your clothes. We recommend the steamer, as it’s gentler on the clothes and might save your clothes from a trip to the washer.

Mend your clothes
We encourage you to seek out help if your clothes have been damaged in some way, instead of throwing them away. Even though your clothes have been damaged, there’s a chance they could still be saved.

Let the clothes live
Our clothes are designed to be long-lived - and loved. In case you find yourself not using our clothes, we highly recommend you to re-sell or donate them. You can even sell your esmé styles back to us through our preowned concept. Clothes should not be forgotten in the back of a closet when it could be used by someone else.