We like to make things simple here at esmé studios and we know that all the different certification icons and trademark terms used in our industry can be very difficult to understand. Here is a quick guide to the ones we use:

Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)

We are proud to tell you, that esmé studios is provided with the GOTS-certification. The Global Organic Textile Standard is an internationally recognised organic textile standard and so is a very important certification for us. It includes both organic, environmental and social criteria from raw materials right through manufacturing to the final product and so gives the customer complete assurance that the garment is responsibly produced. Read more here.

GOTS Certified
License no. 237881

Global Recycled Standard

The Global Recycled Standard, or GRS for short, is issued by the Textile Exchange to guarantee a standard of eco-friendly recycled polyester made out of PET plastic. The goal is to increase the use of recycled materials and it also includes criteria for social and environmental processing requirements and chemical restrictions. Read more here.

Lenzing: ECO Vero™

EcoVero fibres, also from Lenzing, are botanical products derived from natural certified wood. They set the standard for eco responsible viscose as they are a much better alternative to traditional as they don’t require harmful chemicals and high water consumption in their manufacture. Closed circular production techniques reuse water and fibres to give a product that is then certified with the EU Ecolabel, only given to things with a significantly lower environmental impact throughout their life cycle.

LENZING™ and ECOVERO™ are trademarks of Lenzing AG. Read more here.

Lenzing: Tencel™

Tencel™ Lyocell from Lenzing is a natural cellulose fibre derived from renewable raw wood created by photosynthesis and resource conversing technology.  Energy consumption is kept to an absolute minimum during making and this innovative method of production has a significant and beneficial impact on the environment.  And, not only is it good for the planet but Tencel™ has great thermal and moisture absorbency properties and feels great too! Read more here.

Lenzing: Modal®

Modal® is a natural rayon textile of cellulose fibre produced by Lenzing.  It’s made by spinning reconstituted cellulose, usually from sustainably grown beech trees, using an Edelweiss® technology which is a carbon-neutral process that doesn’t use harsh chemicals or cause water pollution. Modal is great for us to use as it is breathable, strong, doesn’t lose its shape and is lovely against the skin. Read more here.