We at esmé studios have obtained certifications that help ensure that we produce clothes responsibly. We know that it can be difficult to find out what is good and what is bad between all the different certificates that exist. To be more transparent, we have made a short overview of the ones we use and what they mean:

esmé studios has obtained the GOTS certification. GOTS is an internationally recognised organic textile standard. It includes both organic, environmental and social criteria from raw materials right through manufacturing to the final product. GOTS-certified cotton is grown without using any kind of pesticides or fertilizers. Cotton that lives up to the GOTS certification means that farmers have not been exposed to toxic chemicals. GOTS cotton supports biodiversity, ecosystems, and reduces energy consumption as well as CO2 emissions compared to conventional cotton. 

Read more about GOTS.

GOTS Certified 
License no. 237881

The GRS certification can be found on products with at least 50% recycled material. The recycled material can be natural fibers like wool and cotton or man-made fibers like polyester or viscose. GRS fibers are produced with strict requirements on social regulations and chemical and wastewater handling. 

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GRS Certified
License no. 237881

All our production facilities are certified according to BSCI or similar standards. This guarantees full compliance with leading social standards for everyone involved in the production.

You can read more about BSCI here.