Diversity, Equal Opportunities & Inclusion

At esmé Studios we have three core values: Honesty, Responsibility, and constant improvement. These three core values are the essence of how we do business and they’re our ambition.

Organizational Structure

At esmé Studios, our organizational structure is flat and democratic.We believe that our diverse workforce is an important factor in our ability to compete globally and to drive responsible fashion.We value the opinion of every employee, no matter their position. We believe that inspiration canstrike anyone, and everyone deserves the opportunity to share their brilliant ideas. We strive to create an environment where all our employees feel like they belong whether they’re new to the team or have been with us for years.

Equal Opportunities

We cannot yet say that we’re fully responsible in all parts of the value chain but we’re getting there, and future goals are set. Being responsible is not a simple task, but it’s both inspiring and rewarding. Today we’re proud to say that, through hard work and determination, we have grown from a great idea to actual reality. We hope to inspire you to join us on our journey towards building a slower and more responsible fashion industry.

Everyone deserves responsible clothes

Our clothes are designed with great awareness of the different body types of our customers and their needs. Based on this awareness, we design our products so that they fit every body type to secure inclusiveness and to promote body positivity.