We want you to know you have made a good choice by buying something from ésme studios. Therefore we label everything with a special hangtag that lets you know that your garment has been made from high standard materials and produced in an environmentally responsible way. This is a guarantee from us to you that we have done our utmost to use as few chemicals as possible and to ensure that it is made in an ethical and human and planet friendly way.

The hangtag is in two parts. The front part is made from ES100: FSC-Mix wood pulp.The back part has all the care instructions
on it (we want you to look after your garment so it lasts as long as possible!). This is made from ES1300: 100% HDPE. This is a high density polyethylene - also known as Tyvek - which is recycled plastic.

Remember you have to do your bit too! Throw the front tag in paper sorting bins and the back tag in plastic sorting!