Care tips to make your clothes last!

We want you to enjoy your esmé studio garment as long as possible and they are designed with longevity in mind. Use our care tips to make things last longer!

To prolong the life of a garment, it is very important to follow the washing instructions on the care label as each different fabric requires a different treatment. If using a washer, always wash gently at a low temperature.

Long Life
We make our garments to last but your daily love and care is needed too. Occasionally you will need to remove pilling or stains and if small holes appear, then repair them soon before they start to grow bigger.  And when you are finished with it, don’t throw it away! Someone else might want to do a bit of repair work and wear it themselves.

Instead of tumbling, we encourage you to air dry your clothes - tumbling is the most energy intensive and wasteful part of the laundry routine. Drying outside also gives your clothes a fresh feeling and smell and they also won’t shrink, wrinkle or get that annoying static cling.

Buying our clothes is a long-term investment and commitment to high quality, timeless design. We guarantee you durability so you can use our garments again and again as long as you do your bit too and take good care of them!