From the very fiber that makes up our clothing, we care deeply about clothes. They deserve the very best treatment, as does the climate. That’s why it’s important for us to choose packaging options that do not compromise with environmental responsibility or the protection of our clothes.

The goods from our suppliers are wrapped in poly bags made of recycled plastic and packed in boxes of cardboard that are FSC certified. 

Our business customers receive their goods in the polybags they arrived in and cardboard boxes. We try to reuse as many of the cardboard boxes as possible from our incoming shipments for our outgoing deliveries. Currently, about half of the boxes from our incoming shipments are reused. The other half of the boxes we use are FSC mix certified. This means that the boxes consist of 80% reused material and 20% new cardboard fibers from responsibly managed forests.


We can’t get around that shipping our goods from our suppliers in China, India, Portugal, and Turkey has an impact on the environment. As we aim to reduce our carbon footprint, we’re constantly searching for new, better, and more green methods to transport our goods. For this reason, we strive to choose the transportation methods that are less C02-intensive whenever possible.


The goods we transport from China are shipped primarily by sea and secondarily by rail. We do our best to avoid using air freight whenever possible. On the occasion that it’s necessary to use air freight, it’s only to transport product samples.

All our goods from India are transported by sea. Goods from Turkey and Portugal are transported by trucks. 

When we transport goods to our wholesale customers we use large and small trucks appropriate to the situation. The fossil fuels used in trucks is something we worry about. We’re closely monitoring the progress of alternative energy sources as potential replacements for fossil fuels.

For transportation to private customers, we use different delivery services depending on where the customer is located. One of the courier services we use is DHL Go Green which offers a reduced greenhouse gas emission compared to conventional courier services.

RE-ZIP packaging

In 2022, we launched RE-ZIP which gives you the possibility to shop even more responsibly and earn vouchers for our webshop. You can now choose RE-ZIP packaging when you shop through our webshop. With this option you can send the packaging in which you received your items back to us for reuse. When you choose this option, you will receive a voucher which can be used on our webshop.

Read more about RE-ZIP here.