Social Responsibility

We dream about making a difference in the world, and one way is to push for social responsibility. Social responsibility is important to us and we’re proud that we can say that all our suppliers at esmé studios are certified by 3rd party social certifications.

It’s essential that we do not contribute to cruel behavior towards any worker groups anywhere in the world. We’re actively keeping an eye on reports from Amnesty International, the UN, and other NGOs on workers rights violations in the textile industry. We make sure that we only source materials and services from regions and suppliers that respect human rights.

We have been following BSCI’s code of conduct since we started. The BSCI code of conduct consists of 11 principles that serve to protect human rights, labor rights, the environment, and anti-corruption. You can read more about BSCI here.


Transparency is important and very much a part of who we are. While our supply chain is quite complex, we work hard everyday to be ever more transparent. We have defined four tier levels to help us analyze the level of transparency in our supply chain:

Manufacturing - Cutting, sewing, assembling, and prototyping.

Wet process - Fabric dying and printing.

Raw materials - Raw material farms and factories.

Material process - Fabric dying and printing.

We’re working hard on our supply chain transparency, and our goal is to provide an overview up to tier 3 by 2025. As of 2022, we share tier 1 supplier information.