Sustainable Mission

We’re committed to making positive changes to one of the most polluting industries in the ouworld. The fashion industry is not only a heavy polluter, but also marked by overconsumption and violation of human rights. 

We wish to change the trend of buy and throw-away culture which is prevalent today. To make these changes, we need you to take part as well. We want to encourage you to embrace slow fashion and responsible clothing. As we grow, so does our influence in the industry, and with it our ability to push for change. In 2022 we have expanded the scope of our responsibility efforts with new goals.


How do we work with responsibility? We have identified two main areas where we can make a difference: our environmental impact and social impact.

Environmental impact encompasses responsible materials, a circular business model, and a lower carbon footprint. You can read more about our baseline for environmental impact in 2022 here.

We strive to use only responsible fabric, however, on rare occasions it is not possible due to functionality etc.

We have launched a new circular business model with our sales of preowned goods and the option of RE-ZIP packaging.

Social impact encompasses good working conditions in the value chain. You can read more about our baseline for social impact for 2022 here.

Future Goals

We cannot yet say that we’re fully responsible in all parts of the value chain but we’re getting there, and future goals are set. Being responsible is not a simple task, but it’s both inspiring and rewarding.

Today we’re proud to say that, through hard work and determination, we have grown from a great idea to actual reality. We hope to inspire you to join us on our journey towards building a slower and more responsible fashion industry.